Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Work Continues on the Parlours and More

Still working on the two Parlour Guitars and things are going good, necks are done and bodies are all closed up and ready for finish.

In addition to those two I been working on what was originally planned as a Bouzouki but decided it would make an interesting long scale Tenor Guitar so that is what it will be. Neck is also done on it and the body is ready for finish..

I'm doing a bit of finish experimenting and will be hopefully using a new UV cured finish from Solarez which looks pretty good on the bodies and French Polish on the tops of the two Parlour Guitars and may try CrystaLac Brite-Tone instrument finish on the Tenor.. We will see how it goes..

Bodies, necks & fretboards prior to finishing the necks

Completed Necks

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