Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Summer is Almost Done

Yes I know, but it is true....

Although I have not been doing any building I have got a lots done beside the list of around the house projects, I built a side bender for a Tenor Uke which I will be hopefully using shortly, as well as the inside forms for it and a bending for for the next Tenor Guitar I'll also be starting shortly, I finished upgrading my neck tenon jig and built a little rotating sander for truing up sides.

I built a rotating table for my side bender and Worksharp sharpening system.

I've also started making a new top for my first MandoCello.. and I've got this little side project I'm playing with.. Oh and I seem to have acquired a new scroll saw....

Some Jigs

Worksharp on top

Side Bender on top

Side project, 1/2 size violin repair..