Monday, February 15, 2016

Quick Bit of Wood Porn

Some new tops, Western Red Cedar, mostly salvaged wood and a bit of Sitka Spruce.. Cedar varies from very light to very dark.. not the usual homogeneous look that a lot of people seem to like but quite variable, I like it..

Also a view of what might be the look of the next guitar a nylon string crossover...

Only the really white one is Sitka the rest are Cedar

Western Red Cedar top, Wenge Back & Sides, Honduran Mahogany neck, Bloodwood bindings


The bindings are done on the two parlour guitars, just a bit more scraping and sanding to do.. Came out pretty good, quite simple bindings, I think they look good on smaller guitars..

A good binding cutting setup makes all the difference

Completed channel


and done


Monday, February 8, 2016

Closing the Box on 2 Parlour Guitars

Always a bit of a big step, the tops and backs are joined to the sides and things start to look like a guitar!..

Clamps, clamps I own tons now...

Ready for next steps, end wedge & bindings