Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mandolin Hiatas & Some Jigs

I've got a few things about the Mandolin I've been working on that I am not happy with and I'm not sure how or even if I can change it at this late stage so I've put it on the back burner for now and will get ready to start a new build probably in September since between work and fun this month is looking very full..

I've also been working on some jigs. Lutherie is full of jig and even if you have all you think you need you always seem to come up with more or a better version of one you have.. I went on a course with Charles Fox this summer and he is certainly the master of jig and process for the guitar builder..

I've got a fair number of ideas for improvements or new jigs to help thing along.. The main one I just finished is a universal mold, I had one but this one is better it incorporates a method of centering the end block for a bolt on neck, thus making neck alignment easier -- I hope.. Plus I made a couple of jigs to aid in making standard parts for the hell block and bridge blank.

Improved universal mold

T-track & bolts center the end block

Kind of boring parts cutting jigs