Sunday, May 24, 2015

Carving a Mandolin Top

I'm making progress on carving the top for this Sobell/Kay style mandolin..

I confess I used all the tricks to speed up the process like a drill press to set the curve and a safty planer to rough out the shape but still of course finishing it with finger planes...

Figuring out the arch

Lots of wood chips

After a bit of sanding

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Back To Building

I've been away from instrument building for a while  as I was working on some home improvements and went away on vacation..  Now its time to get back to building things with strings..

Joe who is helping me with the archtop tenor is tied up for a few months so while I'm waiting for him to have some free time I'll move on to the next project..

A Mandolin.. in the Sobell Style but in a body shape the hints at an old Kay Mandolin..

Rosewood and Englemann Spruce with Blood wood trim...

Should be interesting...