Tuesday, March 20, 2018

L-0 Guitars

Moving on to working on the necks for a bit, don't feel like doing a bunch of sanding on the boddies right now. Matching necks to bodies.

Matching Necks to Bodies

Oak, walnut & koa

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Progress on L-0 Style Guitars

Things are going good with these three.. Same body shapes different backs and sides and different bracing patters but all Sitka tops.

One of the goals of this build set is to refine and update a few procedures to work better with the space and equipment I have.. One thing that is very useful in building that I don't really have room to leave set up is a go-bar deck. So trying out using a vacuum bag and radius-ed work board to glue on top and back braces.

L-0 "H" bracing in a vacuum bag

Start of a double "X" brave in the bag

Bending sides

Completed double "X" glued to it's sides

Closing boxes