Friday, March 31, 2017

Finishing and Starting

Nice when things progress smoothly..

The Crossover guitar has had it coats of Royal-Lac post catalyzed finish applied, A new finish that I am trying for the first time and so far so good, it does get very good reviews by those who have tried it. it needs to cure for 5 days then I can buff/polish it.

The Tenor Ukulele is done and plays actually quite nice despite all the build issues.

The Celtic Hap has had the pillar and neck cut to shape and I need to start on the soundboard glue up soon.

Also new projects are getting going:

I've jointed 3 tops to take to the guitar voicing course I'm going to in June so I just need to fit the rosettes to those and they are ready to go.  Of course that will take some time as I am trying a slightly different way of building rosettes as I mentioned earlier.

I've also started another Tenor Ukulele this one using Wenge (left over from the crossover guitar) and Western Red Cedar.

Lastly I've started a bit of an experimental instrument. I really like the Mandocello sound but personally don't play double courses of strings very well and also that low C on a Mandocello is tough to get enough tension on using a scale length I like so I'm trying what I call a Cello Guitar. A 4 string guitar tuned to Cello tuning CGDA and using nylon strings designed for Goldtone's Cello Banjo... I just need to decide on the bracing for the top.  I'm using a Gibson L0 body shape so either a classical style fan bracing or maybe a version of Gibson old H bracing for that body style. We will see..

"Scraps" from cutting out the harp parts, I'll need to find some way of  using all that Koa and Walnut

The start of a Tenor Uke

Tenor Uke Rosette, Koa on Western Red Cedar

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Finishing, Harp & Course Prep

I've got a lot of varied stuff going on. I'm putting the seal coat of finish on the Crossover Guitar, using Shellac Finishes Seal-Lac and that is now curing and then needs to be sanded and the actual finish applied. For that I will be using Royal-Lac post catalyzed shellac. I'm quite excited to see how it turns out..

The Tenor Uke is getting a simple Tung & Teak oil finish..

I've been lucky enough to get a spot in  Robbie O'Brien's steel string voicing course in June ( so for that course I need to have 3 tops prepared with rosettes installed so I am playing around with a different way of cutting rosette segments on the CNC.. We will see how it works when I go to make the rosette. The actual cutting on the CNC went Ok once I realized the belts needed tightening..

Enough for 2 rosettes out o a burl blank
I'm also doing a little bit of work on getting the pieces for the Celtic Harp roughed out..