Sunday, October 26, 2014


The weather is still not great for building. The RH in the house needs to drop another 10% but it is on the way.. In the mean time I'm getting as much done as I can..

Both Tenors, the Uke and the Guitar are moving along, if a bit slowly.. I bent the sides for the Tenor guitar today and the Uke is going OK as well..

Headstock inlay for the Uke

Routing the Headstock shape with a drill press router,
nice & safe for me and the headstock

The completed result

End wedge in the Uke

Roughed out neck

Rough work done with the table saw, first time I've tried it

Bending guitar sides

Done, first time bending Zircote, it is actually pretty easy,
which is good considering the cost...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tenor Guitar Rosette

About 3 days work - more or less and the rosette is in the tenor guitar top.. Maple segments with black/white/black purfling and dividers.. turned out OK.

Rosette sitting waiting to a pocket to be routed

Using a block plane to level the purfling

Final Leveling with a scraper


Finished rosette