Saturday, November 30, 2013

Arm Bevel Done and Time to Start on the Neck

Well the binding and arm bevel are done, since this was my first try at an arm bevel I used the simplest binding possible which still look fine IMHO.. Not actually to hard to do but I can see how a more complex binding scheme would be difficult.

For those interested I used cyanoacrylate glue for the bindings but fish glue for the veneer on the bevel.

Not on to the fingerboard and neck..

Glued, Taped and Elastic

Completed Body

I'm Happy with how the Binding & Bevel look

The Back - Oregon Myrtle

Plain & Simple
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Monday, November 25, 2013

Arm Bevel Time

So after a break while I was out of the country, it's back to finishing this MandoCello..

I carved out the arm bevel today, actually looks pretty good in the contrasting woods but it will eventually be covered in Rosewood to match the binding scheme. The carving of it actually went pretty quickly and easily. Hopefully the binding of the bevel does as well :-)