Sunday, May 25, 2014

And it's Done

Complete finished done.. Sounds good, ok sounds better than the ladder braced Celtic tenor I made a while back, more sustain and a bit deeper sound.. Probably due to the slightly bigger body.. Also the sustain might be a combination of the stiffest top I've used so far and the relatively thick saddle...

I was anticipating have to do compensation on the saddle to get the intonation right but if anything it's a bit flat so none was needed.. The thicker saddle might? be better at energy transfer to the top?? I'll have to do a bit of reading up on that.

Next, I've got to finish the parlour guitar which I've just started carving the neck on and I have the original Mandocello I made that need a new top. A carved & properly arched one this time .....


  1. And it's fabulous. Great little guitar, a real cannon, super resonance and tone. Plays beautifully. Thanks a ton Kerry.

  2. Yes I have to admit I'm really happy with how it sounds.. Glad you are too..