Thursday, October 3, 2019

Summers End

Well summer is done so all the home summer projects are either done or postponed until next year..

Before I did take a break I did finish the two Parlour guitars so they are now up for sale.. The long scale Tenor guitar is almost ready for final polish and buff. and I'm preping for the next builds.

Coming up will be a nylon sting crossover model in Mexican Cypress and Western Red Cedar.

After that one is started I think I'll be working on a new Ukulele design similar to those of Jay Lichty, Jay has been kind enough to publish his basic design for a larger bodied long scale Ukulele. So I think I'll give a slightly modified version of that a try.

There will also be another L-0 bodied guitar coming as I think that is a great size that fits between the Parlour and OM sizes.

I've also been designing some changes to the basic way I build guitars. For several years now I've done a completely bolt on neck where the fingerboard extension is not glued down to the body and that works but the next logical extension of the is the raised fretboard guitar which will allow future changes to increase the vibrating area of the top> So I'll be doing that on upcoming guitars.

Also I've been looking at arm bevels and scooped cutaways and looking for a way to do them on most of not all guitars with out over complicating things. So to that end I'm going to try some modeled after a version used by Ontario luthier Ted Woodford

So That should keep me busy for awhile..

Here are some photos of the completed Parlours

Multi Scale
Rosewood & Spruce 

Claro Walnut &
Torrified Red
(Adirondack) Spruce


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Work Continues on the Parlours and More

Still working on the two Parlour Guitars and things are going good, necks are done and bodies are all closed up and ready for finish.

In addition to those two I been working on what was originally planned as a Bouzouki but decided it would make an interesting long scale Tenor Guitar so that is what it will be. Neck is also done on it and the body is ready for finish..

I'm doing a bit of finish experimenting and will be hopefully using a new UV cured finish from Solarez which looks pretty good on the bodies and French Polish on the tops of the two Parlour Guitars and may try CrystaLac Brite-Tone instrument finish on the Tenor.. We will see how it goes..

Bodies, necks & fretboards prior to finishing the necks

Completed Necks

A Pair of Parlours

Working on a pair of Parlour Guitars, One "standard" with Torrified Red (Adirondack) Spruce and Claro Walnut and one fan fret Indian Rosewood and Sitka.

Braced Torrified Top

Cutting Fan Fret Slots

Completed Fret Slots

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Ziricote Guitar Completed

The Ziricote and Sitka OM guitar is done and off with it's new owner, this was a commissioned work. Very happy how it turned out.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Ziricote Guitar

The Ziricote OM size guitar is coming along nicely. Some pore fill and sanding and it will be ready for finish.

While that is curing I've got an Octave Mandolin to finish and a couple of Parlours to work on.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

New Year New Guitar

I've been pretty slack updating this blog but since it is now 2019 I better get something up here.. So working on a commissioned OM style guitar made with Zircote & Sitka with a Honduran Mahogany neck.

Coming along nicely I think..

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Belated Updates

I've been a bit slack updating the blog of late. Summer was busy with non-luthier stuff and life just gets in the way sometimes. I have however not been completely ignoring luthier work however. I've actually got a fair bit done over the last few months considering all the others things going on in life..

First off someone in the small orchestra Julie plays in had a cello in need of repair/restoration. Turned out to be an Englehardt Cello, a pretty cheap student model but apparently pretty common in school music programs. The cello was the victim of and attempt at refinishing that was at best misguided.. It was also missing most of the parts like a bridge, tuning pegs, tailpiece and sound post. Anyway this got those parts replaces and a new finish put on it.. It is going back to a local music program, It was interesting to do as I am really not a repair person.

The only "before" I did, after I removed the rest of the finish

Ready to be played again

Also the next builds are well underway, those are an Irish Bouzouki and a Octave Mandolin, both built as flat top guitar bodied instruments. The Bouzouki will be Rosewood and Spruce and the OM Honduran Mahogany and Cedar. I started by making the bindings for these, I've been meaning to try my hand and making my own bindings with purfling for some  time so it was good to try that and it worked out great.

The Setup for cutting thin binding strips with a slitting blade on a small table saw

The end result

I've also got the sides bent and glued up to the end blocks for both instruments and the tops and backs well on the way to being done.. Just starting to brace up the tops today..

Here I'm doing the rosettes..

And here are one of the backs and top bracing underway.